Ron Paul on the Military

Can you imagine your run-of-the-mill conservative saying this? Dr. Paul has been in the political trenches for years. He’s not some doofus who had a midlife ‘conversion’ and decided he believed in free markets. The guy believes firmly in liberty at all costs. How’s that for conservative?

It’d be nice if the other so-called conservatives would stick their neck out for their principles. I suppose when your principles are only to get elected to another term, you never have to stick your neck out.

I can’t wait to see this guy debate Romney. Try ignoring RP in this election cycle, when he’s polling continuously in the top three. I wonder if the GOP isn’t scrambling for a counter to him. Herman Cain talks like Ron, but won’t be taken seriously for very long. The GOP is too cunning not to have a gameplan there.

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  1. Tom says:

    Ron Paul puts principle above politics, and does what he believes is right even if it is unpopular, & I agree that he has been saying this for a long time.

    Ron Paul is a real conservative, and if the Republican party goes back to its glorious past of non-interventionism, sound economic principles, and small government, it will be the true Grand Old Party again.

    As far as debating other candidates, I have notcied that the other candidates have moved much closer to mirroring Paul’s philosophy than they ever did before, to catch on the tea party movement (so long as not talking about social issues).

    Nonetheless, this Republican Presidential Primary should be interesting.

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