Note To New Visitors…

I apologize if this blog has not seen much of any activity since I brought it up. My day job has recently been taking up an enormous amount of my time. However I expect the time drain to lessen significantly after mid-May, when I can hopefully begin posting daily.

Since creating the blog, I’ve already gotten one post from a self-described liberal explaining to me why Obama is the best American president to ever have existed. I wonder if he also considers Bush II a fantastic president? Need I explain the abundant similarities between Obama and Bush?

Never mind that I have yet to blog anything negative about Obama. Good of this one liberal to realize that Austrian economics and modern liberalism inherently in opposition to one another.

Maybe I should do my first blog post on why Obama and Bush II are the same person. Or perhaps I can broaden my scope and explain why neo-conservatism and liberalism are one and the same?

Please bear with me for another few weeks =)

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